Topura Worldwide Network

Topura Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the manufacturing of plus recessed head screws and was established under the name Toyo Plus Screw Co., Ltd. in 1950. Our customers later began referring to us by our nickname "Topura". Because of this, the official company name was changed, in 1974, to Topura Co., Ltd.

Topura America Fastener, Inc. was originally established as TWN Fastener, Inc. in 1987 through the efforts of Topura Co., Ltd., John Wagner Associates, Inc., and Nissho Iwai Corporation (Metal One Corporation) and was based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In May 2006, Topura Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese fastener manufacturer, became the sole shareholder. On January 1, 2007 we began conducting business as Topura America Fastener, Inc. Today TAF continues to serve a wide range of clientele, including those in automotive manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, and construction.