Manufacturing Capabilites

M3 –M6 Tapping Screws
M3 –M8 Machine Screws
M6 –M12 Bolts
M3 -M12 Washer Assembly
Up to 150 mm Length

Trivalent Zinc Chromate Plating
(Hexavalent Chromium Free)

-Equivalent anti-corrosion resistance when compared with hexavalent zinc chromate plating
-Heat resistant of surface is superior to hexavalent zinc chromate plating
-Same coefficient of friction as hexavalent zinc chromate plating Appearance - Clear or Black

Chromium-Free Zinc and Aluminum Coating
(Hexavalent Chromium Free)

- Equivalent anti-corrosion when compared with hexavalent zinc aluminum plating
-Free from chromium, ECO friendly
-Safety, due to water-based chemistry
-Good for anti-corrosion and heat resistance
-Good for anti-corrosion with aluminum
-The zinc and aluminum platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver-gray coating.
-Uniform black appearance can be achieved with a topcoat

Thread Adhesives and Sealants
Adhesives and sealants can be applied to the fastener to meet the functional requirements of the fastener. Applications include, but are not limited to, products to prevent loosening in regular and hightemperature applications, sealing, thread masking, and fastener retention.
Patented Products

Access Point
Anti-cross-threading feature that provides rapid thread engagement in most assembly conditions. Access point is designed with a low complete thread equal to the inner diameter of the internal threads. The design resists cross-threading and no -start conditions to reduce assembly problems. It also compensates for off-angle and off-center conditions. Rapid engagement improves productivity. When the fastener is cocked at an angle, the low complete thread will engage the internal threads and cause the two fasteners to align. The point length, diameter, and angle are designed to avoid thread engagement in drastically misaligned conditions. This will reduce scrap, rework, and re-tapping costs.
Earth Bolt
Earth Bolt is a screw which has 2 structures, for both paint-removing and grounding. It can also be used as a self-forming screw. Earth bolt is designed with a paint scrap point and a thread style for grounding and anti-loosening. Reduces driving torque and improves productivity.
Fit In Bolt
Designed for improved assembly and weight reduction. The Fit In design, when used with the mating tooling, provides improved assembly by not allowing the bolt to fall from the socket. The design also provides bolt weight reduction.
Lobe Tite
Lobe Tite is a tapping screw for both plastic and metal applications. The 45 ° angle thread form is designed with special lobes to prevent cracking in plastic applications. The thread design provides low driving torque and less stripping in a plastic boss. The thread is designed to prevent screw loosening by plastic deformation. The stripping torque is greater than that of standard thread forms. The break-away torque is superior to that of standard thread forms.
Paint Remove
Removes paint from the female thread while driving the fastener. Can be used any place where female threads are exposed to paint, re-tapped, or masked areas. Paint scraping point removes paint as the bolt is driven. The design eliminates the need for high grade bolts due to higher driving torques. PR Bolts save rework time and cost. PR Bolts reduce the process of re-tapping and masking of female threads.
TAPTITE 2000® thread forming technology joins two unique concepts and advances fastener performance to new levels. TAPTITE 2000® fasteners afford end-users with enhanced opportunities to reduce the overall Cost of Assembly. The thread designs provide superior vibration resistance, excellent axial alignment, low end load, high strip-to-drive ratio, high prevailing torque, and excellent torque tension relationship. Trademark licensed by Conti Fasteners AG
Triostite Type W
Self forming screw that eliminates the need for tapping and weld nuts. Triostite is designed with a taper point for improved insertion. Depressions at 3 positions of the point reduce contact area and driving torque. The tightening portion of the thread is a JIS class 2 thread and has same tightening features of a machine screw.
Special thread form for anti-loosening. Two different thread forms perform even load distribution and improve anti-loosening and strength against fatigue by cyclical stress.